From concept to cup: The story behind our new tea line

From concept to cup: The story behind our new tea line


Bean Tea  

One of our top goals here at Bean is to provide a little something for everyone. We want coffee connoisseurs who detect fine roasting details on their palate to be earnest ambassadors — after all, our coffee is sourced from the top 2 percent of beans from around the world. We also want folks to be able walk into one of our shops off the street, having never given much thought to the particulars of their beverage, and find something that feels like home. So, when the idea of creating a tea-line emerged over two years ago, we promised ourselves we would come up with something that would appeal to a wide audience with discerning tastes. After countless hours of testing and research, we are finally releasing a premium offering for all of our tea enthusiasts. We are thrilled to introduce our eleven tea mixes, sourced directly from growers, and selected for authenticity and exceptional flavour.


  • Bean Chillin (Chamomile)
  • Earl Grey
  • English Breakfast
  • Ginger Hibiscus
  • Green Matcha
  • Green Supershroom Hojicha
  • Hibiscus
  • Masala Chai
  • Peppermint
  • Rooibos with Elderflowers
  • Sencha Fukamushi (Green)


Savour our unique flavour profiles 

We wanted to ensure that our tea selection not only covered a wide range of people, but a wide range of moods, too. We get that tea-drinkers turn to different blends for different occasions. The type of person who gravitates toward strong floral notes, for example, might prefer Ginger Hibiscus for a pick-me-up in the morning, and Rooibos with Elderflowers to wind down at the end of the day. Our selection of teas range from Western traditionals like English Breakfast to more exotic mixes like our Masala Chai and Supershroom Hojicha. We are particularly excited about our “Bean Chillin” Butterfly Pea Chamomile that turns pink if you add a few drops of lemon! We’d love to hear your thoughts about it on social media.


Look into our ethics

Ahead of anything else, what makes Bean so special is our deep-rooted mission and commitment to ethical practices in our sourcing methods and giving back to the community. Whether it be locally here in Vancouver, or working with one of our suppliers (like Ricardo Zelaya) to bring a school to a rural area in Guatemala, our promise to do good comes first. We are proud of the way we source and process our teas, and we encourage you to discover the unique stories behind each blend.


Take some time to enjoy each tea’s story

Take our Japanese tea blends for example (the Green Supershroom Hojicha and Sencha Fukamushi), that we cultivated from a fifth-generation grower named Shutaro Hayashi. His father established the practice  of organic cultivation in Kirishima, Japan, nearly 40 years ago. The Hayashi family, still growing tea in Kirishima today, is the epitome of neo-traditionalism. While Shutaro is continuously finding ways to innovate on the production process, he has maintained the 100-year-old trees that were first brought to the city by his forefathers, giving the teas a robust and exquisite aroma that other growers can’t imitate.


Bridge Around The World 

It’s the incredible stories like Shutaro’s that encourage us to be a bridge between communities around the world. That’s why we choose only to work with our growers directly — so we can ensure their ethical practices, from their production process, to how well they treat their workers. Over the last 25 years, we have established a thriving relationship with our growers and customers through coffee, and we cannot wait to do the same with our line of premium teas.




Let us know, which one of our tea blends is your go-to?