The School

Committed to farmers and their families

Sourcing the best coffee has taken us all around the world and we’ve been lucky to befriend some of the amazing farmers and families behind the Bean. Our commitment to supporting the people behind the Bean isn’t reserved for the ones who live in North America. We believe that the most ethical farming practices are those where producers can communicate their real needs to the companies that use their beans – and those companies listen. We asked Ricardo Zelaya—one of our friends and producers from Antigua, Guatemala—what his community needed most and his answer was a school for their children.

That’s when we first decided to build a school! Many plantations are located in rural areas where travel to school becomes a barrier to education. For some kids, the distance was far enough that they couldn’t go to school at all. In 2008 we decided to work with Zelaya to build an elementary/middle school for the kids living on Finca El Carrizal in the middle of the jungle in Southern Guatemala.
Since then we’ve been able to provide children from kindergarten to grade seven with an education right on the farm where their parents work. We supply the school with teacher salaries, funding for extra circulars, and healthy meals. This means that a portion of every purchase you make goes towards the education of a child in Guatemala. We think that’s something you can feel good sipping on.