It's Not Just The Coffee, It's The Whole Experience

It's Not Just The Coffee, It's The Whole Experience

This is Us 

Maybe we’re a little biased here, but we love the people behind The Bean. BATW owner, Barney McKenzie and store manager, Madeline Kang tell us the story of where we come from, where we are and where we’re going. Anybody that’s seen these two behind the bar together know that they’re perpetually laughing and having a good time while turning out the regulars’ drinks.

“Bean Around the World is all about being in the present”

We’re so fortunate that good coffee around our parts is a dime a dozen. It keeps the industry competitive and vibrant, creating the perfect canvas for the most creative and passionate coffee enthusiasts to leave their mark on. Anybody can have their moment, but only the great can stay truly timeless in the coffee scene.

What makes The Bean so special? Our communities. Just like how we go through great lengths to source our beans, we work hard to find people that uphold one of our greatest values: a genuine human experience (accompanied with great coffee of course). That’s something no coffee fad can replace.

As Barney once famously put it, “Most people don’t realize that coffee is a people business. It’s all about seeing your friends, chatting with the baristas and living out your morning ritual”.

We are warm, inviting coffee houses by design, but the true essence of a cafe that inspires you to be present can only be captured in the energy of genuine communities.

So what are you waiting for? Call up an old friend, grab an iced Americano and just be.