Cafe Highlight: Bear's Paw & The Other Paw

Cafe Highlight: Bear's Paw & The Other Paw

Nature lovers wanting to take a break from hiking flock to Bear's Paw Bakery - a must visit in the picturesque Jasper community. It’s so beloved by locals and visitors alike that it was recommended by Oprah Winfrey herself in O Magazine!

After doublinge its size from 2002 to 2005, it was time for Bear’s Paw to meet its match. In response to a growing community, The Other Paw opened up shop in 2007.

Together, these two establishments have crafted a reputation for exceptional food, delectable baked goods, and, of course, outstanding coffee.

A Pawsome Community

At Bear's Paw Bakery, the year-round locals are the backbone of their success. The community’s unwavering support has been a source of gratitude for over two decades. 

During the bustling summer season, visitors from all over the world also flock to the bakery, eager to savour the unique flavors it has to offer. Among the menu highlights are the famous raspberry white chocolate scone and the irresistible sticky bun, both crowd favorites that keep customers coming back for more.

Un-bear-lievably Delicious

While the Bear’s Paw is known for its delicious freshly baked goods, The Other Paw specializes in savoury sandwiches and paninis … attracting a loyal following among locals and tourists alike. 

Functioning as an extension of the original Bear’s Paw Bakery, The Other Paw provided the opportunity to serve the community with more diverse offerings (and more places to sit.) 

Under the ownership of its passionate entrepreneur Kimberley Stark, Bear's Paw Bakery is in constant evolution. 

One thing remains the same - the passion for only the best in food and drink. Bear’s Paw Bakery chose fellow Canadians Bean Around The World to provide their coffee roasts. They have carefully curated a selection of exceptional BATW coffees to complement their menu, in commitment to showcasing what Canada can offer to coffee enthusiasts visiting Jasper.


Pawsitively Innovative

The team at Bear's Paw Bakery and The Other Paw never cease to innovate and improve. 

Currently, Bear's Paw Bakery is undergoing an exciting renovation, embracing a fresh look and creating a better workflow while maintaining a cozy and inviting atmosphere. This transformation will also mark the launch of Jasper's only scotch tasting lounge, Ursidae Lair. With its intimate setting and an impressive selection of scotch and craft cocktails, it promises to be a unique and unforgettable experience for locals and visitors alike.

As for the owner's favorite drinks, while a daily indulgence in hot water brings comfort, there are two treats that bring moments of pure delight. The iced decaf mocha with oat milk offers a refreshing and indulgent twist, while the cortado made with steamed whipping cream instead of milk is a truly indulgent and unforgettable experience.

Bear's Paw Bakery and The Other Paw are not just about satisfying culinary cravings but also about fostering a sense of community and embracing the joy of good food and coffee. 

Their dedication to innovation, growth, and providing exceptional experiences shines through in every aspect of their operation, making them cherished establishments within the Jasper community.