Bean Store Highlight: Vancouver General Hospital

Bean Store Highlight: Vancouver General Hospital

Coffee is more than just a pick-me-up - it’s a daily ritual that helps you get your mindset right.

And not many people may understand this quite like the coffee lovers who frequent the subject of this blog.

Keep reading to learn more about BATW at Vancouver General Hospital - a location that creates a sense of inclusivity, belonging and support.

Grab a cup and join us as we explore what makes Bean at VGH an indispensable part of Vancouver’s community fabric.

Serving the VGH Community with Inclusivity


Our Bean Around THe World VGH location can be found in the ICORD building - a world leading health research centre focused on spinal cord injury. 

Depending on severity, patients with spinal cord injury can experience symptoms anywhere from a loss of sensation to complete paralysis. There was no question - with 10% of its patrons wheelchair bound, this shop had be very wheelchair accessible. And so it was designed this way, making it unlike any other coffee shop around. 

This commitment to championing inclusivity, serving the community and making exceptional coffee has made the VGH location of Bean Around The World a cult favourite for nearly 9 years - despite having several competitors (6 cafes!) nearby.


The Dream Team

Bean Around The World VGH employees made such an impression on the guests that a customer took the effort to bring the entire team out to Queen Elizabeth Park as a thank you for their excellence. 

Annette Kim leads this group of amazing staff by example, creating an atmosphere of mutual respect and safety. Annette's favourite order is the Oat Milk Flat White, made with Bean Around The World's Organic Espresso.

The Bean at VGH Community’s Favourite Orders

Considering 70% of Bean Around the World VGH guests include doctors, researchers, and hospital employees, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the most popular order is something that they can grab and go quick - the Ethiopian Harrar Dark Roast drip coffee.

This roast is so preferred, that when it runs out, customers often wait for a fresh brew! 

If this warmth is making you question your morning cup, the VGH team recommend the Cold Brew using BATW’s Organic Espresso. 

If you’ve never tried it, cold brew is refreshing, smooth and has a less acidic flavor profile compared to hot brewed coffee. The slower extraction process tends to produce a less bitter cup. It’s often served over ice and diluted with milk or plant milk achieve the desired strength and taste. Hope you give it a try this summer! 


See you soon at BATW VGH! 

The Vancouver General Hospital location of Bean Around The World is a staple within the hospital complex and the wider community. 

With its commitment to exceptional service, inclusivity, and high-quality coffee, this Bean location has garnered a loyal following. 

Next time you're in the area, don't miss the opportunity to experience the tight knit community feeling at Bean Around The World VGH.