4 Date-Worthy Coffee Shops in Vancouver & Beyond

4 Date-Worthy Coffee Shops in Vancouver & Beyond

Showing someone we care about them doesn’t have to mean extravagant dinner plans or enormous bouquets of flowers…

The simplest ways resonate the loudest. And to us, that means making time to spend fully present with one another - when the norm is to be rushing through life, always busy thinking about the next thing we need to do.

Being present is the greatest gift. No phones, no distractions. Time shared slowing down, savouring the moment, and feeling connected. A cup of coffee always helps, of course! And this time, have it for here - not to go.

Spend time with the ones you love - whether romantic, platonic, familial, or yourself. 

With Valentines’ Day is just around the corner, take a peek into 4 Date-Worthy Bean Around The World Coffee Shops in Vancouver and Beyond

Bean Around The World UBC

Bean Around The World: UBC

Whether you live on campus or you’re visiting for a day trip, the Bean Around The World on Thunderbird Blvd at UBC is well worth a visit.

Stunning wood features and a bright airy atmosphere make this location a wonderful place to catch up and grab a cup and a pastry. 

While you're here, go for a walk around the UBC Botanical Garden or the Nitobe Japanese Garden, then check out the giant whale skeleton at the Beatty Biodiversity Museum. 

Feeling up for an adventure? End your day by catching the sunset at Wreck Beach.

Bean Around The World: Chesterfield & Fifth, North Vancouver

Enjoy plentiful outdoor seating and a lush garden experience at the Bean Around The World on Chesterfield & Fifth in North Vancouver.

A covered outdoor seating area ensures you stay dry even if the weather acts up… or you can cozy up inside. 

While you’re here, you can go for a walk around Victoria Park nearby - or head down to 6 blocks to take in the views along the water at The Shipyards.

Bean Around the World: Cliffe Ave, Courtenay

If you happen to be on the island or passing through Comox Valley, make sure to stop in and visit the Bean Around The World on Cliffe Ave in Courtenay

East facing windows make this the perfect first stop on an adventure filled day. Catch the sunrise with your morning coffee. Then head out to enjoy the surrounding nature. 

How far would you like to go? 

You can check out the nearby trails in Cumberland and walk along the marina in Comox...  Or you can head out to see some more remote natural surroundings by taking the ferry to Denman Island. 

Bean Around The World Edmonton

Bean Around the World: 111 St NW, Edmonton

Rustic meets industrial in our Edmonton location on 111 St NW - complete with swings to let your inner child play.

While you’re here, check out the nearby Victoria Park - where you can go skating if the conditions are right. 

An Invitation To Slow Down

Coffee lovers know that the best coffee experience isn't just about downing the cup as fast as possible so you can feel better about the day ahead.

It’s about the taste of the brew and the feeling you get when you can savour the moment. It’s about the stimulating conversations you enjoy with another over a cup or two. 

The best way to do this is to make time to also enjoy the ambiance and company. 

We hope you enjoyed this guide to our 4 Most Date Worthy Bean Around The World locations - perfect for taking your loved ones, whether romantic, platonic, familial or yourself, out for some intentional quality time. 

See you soon!