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Organic Christmas Blend (14 oz bag)

Organic Christmas Blend (14 oz bag)

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Organic Christmas Blend (14 Ounce Bag)

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A full-bodied dark roast that brings together the rich earthy depth of an Indonesian Arabica, the warm fruity notes of a natural Ethiopian Sidamo and a hint of the smoky volcanic soils of Guatemala. It is a great addition to your favourite dark blends.

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64.png Bean Details 

Timor FTO Cooperative Cafe Timor ZZZAMERICAS_6c0bcd926760a73fb82036b86b1c

GrowerCooperativa Cafe Timor, Dili, East Timor.
VarietalHibrido de Timor and Bourbon
Altitude800 – 1600 Meters
ProcessWet processes and sun-dried
RegionMaubesse, Atsabe, Lequisa and Aifu

 Guatemala Fedecocagua El Paraiso ZZZAMERICAS_6c0bcd926760a73fb82036b86b1c

 GrowerEl Paraíso Cooperative with Campesino Committee of the Highlands 
 VarietalSHB Altura 
 Altitude1600 - 2000 Meters  
 ProcessFully washed, patio dired 
 RegionEl Paraíso, San Antonio Polapó, Sololá

Organic Ethiopia Sidama 3 FTO ZZZZafricaNEW_a0365980881db1721ad5f3407a

GrowerFura Cooperative
VarietalIndigenous heirloom cultivars
Altitude1790 Meters
ProcessFull natural and dried in raised beds
RegionShebedino District, Sidama Zone, Ethiopia