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Back to Basics

Beans. Ours could not be fresher. We like to keep things simple. We source our beans directly from our producers who select the very best quality of product available. BATW custom-roasts to order locally in North Vancouver, and delivers it to you next day. Not from around town? We will ship it to you at the lowest cost possible, and make sure your coffee is secure from pick up to drop off.



Artisanal custom roasted beans is the only way we do it. BATW has 2 in house vintage probats that have been with us from the start. This translates to some of the highest quality roasted beans in the world. Many modern roasters use computer technology to roast their beans, but not us. All our beans are roasted by being observed by the human eye for sight, sound, and smell everyday, all day. We roast only in small batches to ensure each and every bean be examined. Our coffee specialists are what give BATW it’s reputable taste that is deep, rich, and full-bodied. Another thing you should know, we do not roast by trend. We stick to what we know and love, creating your favourite cup of coffee.


Serving It Right

Wherever you like to drink your coffee is where we like to serve it. If you like your coffee pre-ground or whole bean, we don’t mind. Our roastery can accommodate any volume of order, whether it be big or small, and roast & pack it just for you.



Education, Training & Equipment

Sharing is caring, and our staff would are more than happy to share their coffee education with you. From equipment knowledge to how to pull the perfect espresso shot, we like to think we know it all. No question is too small, and no problem too big. Store operations should be as smooth as the coffee, in our opinion.


On Going Support

Bean Around the World is always around for you. Call or email us with any problem, question, or just to say hi, and we are happy to hear from you.