Our Story


What’s the secret to a great cup of coffee?

You know, the kind of coffee you get at Bean Around the World.Well, it took us 25 years to perfect. “We have seen it all,” admit owners Pete Boëda and Barney McKenzie. “Trends have come and gone but weve always stayed true to ourselves, our customers, and above all else, the coffee.” Take away all the extras, the syrups, the foam, and what you have left behind is the bean. Our bean. 


In the digital fast paced world of instant everything, Pete and Barney have kept their business personal. “We don’t just hop on the Internet and order 50 bags of whatevers on special from whichever wholesaler,” explains Pete. Instead, Barney and Pete travel extensively, carefully selecting the best beans directly from plantations around the world, hence the name.


“We go to great lengths to source our beans”

says Barney, “they are selected from the top 3% of beans in the world.” Don't let rigorous quality standards fool you. We still offer 25 varietals of beans, far more than most craft roasters.



Now, for the roasting. You can find us hand-roasting our beans by sight, sound, and smell in our vintage cast-iron coffee roasters every day at our North Shore roastery. “Our roasting is artisanal. No computers, no automation. Just experience and dedication.”  A great tasting cup of coffee is always worth it, to us.


That dedication and experience has earned Pete and Barney the trust of local farmers all over the world, and especially in Guatemala. “We spent years building relationships and in many cases, friendships,” says Barney. “With that comes a responsibility to give back to the people who helped make us successful.” After funding the construction of a community school and hiring qualified educators, BATW has proudly helped many people within the village learn to read and write.

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Over 25 Years 

"Weve committed over 25 years to brewing the best cup of coffee. Weve stuck to our roots, and supported our suppliers and staff,” says Pete. Its a pursuit of passion that has endured for a quarter century despite a ceaseless cycle of coffee fads and seemingly insurmountable competition from multi-national retailers. But, at the end of the day or should we say, early in the morning, its that first cup of coffee that makes it all worthwhile. 


there are over two dozen independent BATW shops in BC & ON, each with its own character serving it’s community the great coffees we are known for. Lets wake up together!